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10 Quick and Easy Tips To Help You Get Back Into The Gym

I was catching up with a former client the other day who had amazing success when we worked together. When her program ended she felt that she could continue on her own. Sadly, that didn’t happen. As usual, life got in the way. Between work, kids, her husband and other responsibilities, she lost her motivation and will to stay in the gym. So, I decided to create some easy to follow tips for everyone to get back on track. Since many of you could benefit from these tips it is my hope that you’re able to get back to working out as soon as possible.

#1. Are you a loner or a groupie?
Decide if you like to workout all by yourself (loner) or amongst a group of people (groupie). Group activities consist of things like bootcamp, aerobics, Pilates or yoga classes. Loner activities can be as simple as performing fitness routines in which you can do on your own.

#2. Find the right gym
Does your present gym offer all the amenities and services you need and want? Are they open during convenient hours for you? How far is the gym from your home or job? Studies show that most people workout close to either home or work due to convenience.

#3. Hire a Personal Trainer
Did you stop going to the gym because you were bored with your routine? Hire a personal trainer. They can show you different ways to work the same muscles so you don’t get bored, lose focus and risk possible injury. And most importantly provide you with someone to hold you accountable.

#4. Recruit a workout partner
Do you find it difficult to get motivated to even get to the gym? Get a training partner. You can discover new exercises together and share in each other’s excitement for staying fit and healthy. Lean on each other to stay motivated as well pick each other up in times of need.

#5. Schedule an orientation
Maybe you don’t necessarily want a trainer or need someone to accompany you to the gym, but you are unsure as to how the equipment works. Simply, schedule an orientation. Most gyms have knowledgeable staff who can explain how the machines work and which ones to use for each body part.

#6. Train for a race or competition
Signing up for a race or competition with a specific goal can allow you to stay focused on your journey to the big day. The sense of accomplishment and joy that you will feel after you complete your task is really indescribable. 

#7. Schedule your workouts
Your life probably runs on a schedule, am I right? There are so many ways to keep track of what you need to do when and with whom, that it’s really mind-boggling. So why not schedule your workouts the same way you do those boring meetings? Studies have shown that when you take the time to actually schedule your workout, there is a greater chance that you will actually do it. 

#8. One goal at a time
It can be overwhelming to make the decision to get back in the gym, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take it easy and decide what you want to accomplish and how you will do it. Then, you can sit down and draw up a plan of action.

Let’s say you want to start back with three workouts per week and you are trying to get in the big 3 (strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises). First, decide how long you can actually spend in the gym, then divide up the activities. If you have around 45 minutes to workout, you could do 15 minutes of strength training, 30 minutes of cardio and finish with 5 minutes of flexibility work.

#9. Keep Track
The best way to stay on top of your strength, endurance and muscle toning gains is to write it down. You can’t progress in either area if you stay at the same weights or keep doing the same exercises over and over again. That leads to boredom and then you’re back at square one.

Instead, bring a small notebook and write down the machines, weights, reps and time spent. You’ll thank yourself when you start to see how much you are progressing with your program.

#10. Start a habit
“They” say if you do something for at least 21 days, it becomes a habit. That’s exactly what living a fit lifestyle is all about, creating a habit. Get on a regular schedule for going to the gym and don’t allow anything to stand in your way. Before long, it will just be a normal part of your day such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower is (hopefully). You’re physical and mental outlook will be better than ever. Don’t worry though, this is one habit that doesn’t need to be broken.

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