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Nutrition For Building Muscle

Nutrition For Muscle Building


To increase muscle mass you must be in a caloric surplus, meaning you have consumed more calories than burned that day to leave you in an anabolic state. The goal here is to increase calories enough for the muscles to grow while putting on a minimal amount of fat, hence the term lean muscular gains.


Again this can be by either eating intuitively and increasing calories slowly from your normal maintenance diet by either adding additional good quality carbohydrates or fats or eating based on BMR+ activity level calculations using an online calculator and increasing calories slowly, allowing your body time to adjust to the new caloric intake before moving on.

The goal:

To be healthy, perform well and have just enough of a surplus of calories to enable the muscles to grow while putting on a minimal amount of fat.

Muscle building nutrition tips:

  1. Eat Protein with every meal
  2. To ensure maximum growth ensure proteins are available through pre workout meals and intra workout drinks.
  3. Get enough sleep, lack of sleep can increase cortisol which can stunt growth. Sleep in anabolic.
  4. Don’t allow yourself to get hungry
  5. An appropriate amount of protein through out the whole day is more important than timing of protein. Ensure you’re getting enough.
  6. In most cases opt for “real food” over liquid calories such as a protein shake.
  7. For hard gainers, you want to try to be quite full at most meals
  8. For hard gainers, if in doubt eat more.
  9. Increase meal frequency. Consume a minimum of 4 meals (not including snacks) containing whole protein and spread through out the day.
  10. Add in a calorie rich shake in the morning if you find you’re struggling to get enough calories. You can add yogurt, nut butters, yogurt, avocado, honey, oats etc.


Muscle Building Will Not Occur Without Exercise

This type of nutritional plan must also be paired with a physically enhancing workout routine. Our online training package is a great affordable way for individuals to really reap the benefits of building a well rounded physically fit physique with little cost. I provide new training programs every week through Apex Online Training that will allow you to continuously progress and prevent your central nervous system from adapting to a basic routine without any changes. This will prevent you form hitting a plateau with your health and fitness goals, the exercise programs provided will go hand in hand with these great health and nutrition tips.


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