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Maintain Control Over Your Body Fat Percentage

Focusing Your Nutrition For Fat Loss

Our eating habits play a major role on our body composition by eating just enough calories made up form the right amount of macronutrients to maintain our current composition, eating for fat loss, or eating to build muscle. All three outcomes are attainable by adjusting our eating habits through purposeful periods of dieting towards your specific goal.


To burn fat you must be in a caloric deficit, meaning you’ve burned more calories than consumed that day.

This can be achieved several different ways:

  • Reducing calories
  • Increase output
  • Or reduce calories while increasing output


Restricting Calories drastically can be harmful and will lead to muscle loss and negatively affect your metabolism in the long run. By only increasing your output you can lose fat but it also may give you too large of a workload to handle. The ideal method is to very slightly reduce calories while increasing your output through performance. This will allow you to reduce body fat and maintain or even increase as much muscle as possible.


This can be achieved several different ways. You can eat intuitively, listen to your body and monitoring progress or eating based on BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) + Activity level calculations using an online calculator and decreasing your calories slowly, allowing your body to adjust to the new caloric intake. Both methods will give you great results but you need to find what best suits you and your lifestyle.


The Goal:

-To be healthy, perform well and maintain just enough of a deficit to reduce body fat whilst maximizing muscle retention.


Here are some nutrition tips for fat loss:


  • Avoid simple sugars i.e. fruit juices, sugary drinks, addes sugars (always read the labels)
  • Caffeine pre workout can act as a thermogenic to further increase fat loss throughout your workout
  • Ensure your kitchen is packed with nutrient dense whole foods so there is no temptation to deviate from your diet.
  • To maximize muscle retention, body fat reduction should be a slow process. This requires you to be patient and consistent for long periods of time.
  • Increase vegetable intake not only for nutritional content but to help you feel more satisfied with each meal for a longer time. Vegetables should take up 1/3 of your plate at all meals.
  • Season foods with herbs & spices over high sugar sauces. Avoid pre packaged as they will have higher salt content.
  • Be as active as you can in daily life. Walk more, Ride your bike places, take the stairs etc.
  • Once your body has adapted and you have hit a fat loss plateau, learn to cycle carbohydrates to further increase fat loss (for more advanced participants)
  • Eat your fats form healthy options such as avocados, nuts, healthy oils, fish etc.
  • Consistency & preparation is paramount. Plan your meals in advance and ensure you have the correct ingredients ready to go.


If you are ready to change your life and better yourself but want a customized plan built specifically so you are able to get started on the right path! Nutrition plans as well as a great option for you to increase your output through workouts that can be performed in the gym or at home the Gold membership would be ideal to work one-on-one with me monitoring your nutrition while performing my daily Apex Workouts.

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